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JHJ Training is a highly focused organisation whose directors have many years of collective experience in the structuring, organisation and marketing of strategic and specialised training programs.

Assessment During Training

During the training courses delegates are continually assessed and provided with feedback on aspects identified in the programme as key to training effectively. This will ensure that delegates develop both knowledge and the confidence to take their enhanced skills back to the work place and apply these successfully. In addition at the start of the programmes delegates will be required to identify areas with which they have difficulty, so that the trainer can focus on these areas. Assessment takes the form of:

  1. Observed work exercises and behaviour
  2. Self assessment written exercises
  3. Discussions
  4. Questionnaires and
  5. Exercises relating to training
jhj training

There is a strong focus on problem solving, and delegates are encouraged to draw on their expertise to solve them. This helps delegates to develop confidence from understanding how much they already know and how much they have to offer their organisations.

Before completion of the training, delegates will develop a personal action / development plan, which will identify strengths to be maintained, and provide a development plan for areas needing further development.

In House

Our Trainers will work in partnership with you to define your training needs and provide solutions which:

  1. Reinforce and support your organisation’s values
  2. Focus on clear objectives
  3. Are delivered at times and venues to suit you avoiding your peak activity times
  4. Provide maximum cost benefit for group bookings
  5. Encourage continuous development and support the transfer of learning to the workplace


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