Management and Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Our Leadership Development and Training programmes push each and every delegate to gain personal insight into understanding themselves, to stretch from their ‘comfort zone’ into a new and challenging territory.

Duration: 2 Days

Our Leadership Development and Training programmes push each and every delegate to gain personal insight into understanding themselves, to stretch from their ‘comfort zone’ into a new and challenging territory.

Duration : 2 Days

Target Group: All individuals who want to improve their leadership skills.

Negotiation Skills

This purpose of the above training is to enable learners who are part of a bargaining council to successfully partake in negotiations on relevant aspects to enhance their working conditions and payment. The training will also add value to delegates in their personal & professional life as people negotiate every day.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: All individuals who wants to to enhance their professional or personal negotiation skills

Advanced Negotiation Skills for Senior Executives

Our advanced Negotiation training course will enable you to think strategically and systemically allowing you to engage more successfully in high level team negotiations.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: Senior Executive in high level team negotiations

Change Management

The Change Management short course focuses on the competencies required to ensure successful change in an era where the challenges of change require management to apply a holistic approach in change management.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: For any change practitioner or manager who leads and manages a team in an organisation in any economic sector. It provides change practitioners, business leaders and project managers with a structured and practical approach to applying change management methodologies to strategic initiatives, Agile and waterfall projects and changes in the business.

Project Management

This course will empower delegates to become more efficient and effective in project management and to therefore contribute more capably and confidently to the successful outcome of the projects they are involved in.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: All individuals who are involved in managing projects.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

In the modern world it is crucial that all individuals have a basic understanding of finance and financial management. This practical and informative course will introduce delegates to the fundamental concepts of finance, financial management and accounting in order to provide the necessary knowledge to make better informed decisions both in the workplace.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: All individuals that need to have a basic understanding of Financial Management to make better decisions in the workplace.

HR for Non-HR Managers

This workshop will enable delegates how to: Identify current issues in the human resource field and the changing role of supervisors and managers in terms of HR functions. Write job specifications and identify essential competencies. Apply procedures of finding, selecting, and keeping the best people using behavioral description interviewing techniques. Get new employees off to a good start. Understand compensation and benefits. Maintain healthy employee relations. Make performance appraisals a cooperative process.

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: All Managers that are not in HR.

Strategic Planning

This course will guide delegates to address the key failure points across the strategic planning process so you can establish strategic objectives, prioritize action steps, align functional initiatives with business goals and build a strategic plan document.

Duration: 2 Days

Successful Strategy Execution

Equips executives with practical knowledge, new skills and tools to turn strategic ideas into actions

Duration: 2 Days

Target Group: Senior Executives

Supervisory Skills

Supervisors is thing the frontline of the leadership chain and need to have the ability to impact their organisation positively by having the necessary skills. They have the greatest impact over the largest number of people and their support is essential when implementing strategy. The programme equips supervisors with the confidence and skills to lead and drive performance.

Duration: Our Supervisor course can be delivered over a 2-day condensed or 5-day intense programme

Competency Interviews

The goal of any selection interview is to learn enough about a candidate to be able to predict future-on-the-job performance and behaviour. But behavioural traits don’t appear on a resume — they can only come from an interview.

Competency-based behavioural interviewing training uses “competencies” to describe behavioural qualities.

Our training course will teach you best Practice Interview, typical Selection Process, competency Based Interview Questions, conducting a Competency based Interview and many more techniques to take the bias out of your decision and to ensure you hire the best candidate.

Problem Solving and decision making

Problem solving is an analytical process used to identify the possible solutions to the situation at hand. Making decisions is a part of problem solving. Problem solving is a complex process, and judgement calls – or decisions – will have to be made on the way. Decision making is a choice made by using one’s judgement This training course is designed to identify problems and to make responsible decisions.

Duration: 2 Days


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